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Hydropower Generation

Hydropower represents one of the most widely used clean energy sources globally. It generates electricity of renewable origin and without emissions, that is obtained from the hydraulic energy. This type of energy can be generated in the times of greater demand, which makes it more versatile with respect to other sources of renewable generation. Ennova America promotes the development of hydroelectric energy according to the following reasons:


Low operating and maintenance costs: Hydropower plants do not require fuel for their operations, so their variable costs are very low. 


Operating flexibility: By adjusting the water flow, more or less electricity can be generated according to demand. Hydroelectric power plants can store water for use at times when there is greater demand in the market.


Life time: Hydroelectric power plants have a life of more than 50 years, making them one of the longest lasting electricity generation technologies.

According to the Mexican Association of Hydroelectric Power, the estimated potential of the sites identified at national level exceeds 6.3 GW of installed capacity, of which about 670 MW correspond to sites with capacities lower than 30 MW.

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