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PV Power

Plant Protón I

Project Facts:

Location: Aguascalientes State, Mexico

Installed capacity: 100 MW DC

Investment: USD 110 - 125 million.

Technology: Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Size: 741 acres, more than 300,000 solar panels.

Project Benefits:

Environmental Benefits: It will reduce the annual emission of more than 150 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), half ton of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and 350 tons of oxides of nitrogen (NOX).


Energy independence: The consumption of natural gas for electricity generation has triggered the importation from the United States in recent years. This project contributes directly to the country's energy independence. 


Economic benefits: The plant will offer clean energy at prices below current electricity rates.


Job creation: The construction of the plant will generate approximately 500 direct jobs.

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